The Ideal Travel Companion With Cabin Zero and Travelmall

Hi guys! It’s me again! Recently, I’ve been busy with my internship and when I was informed about the products I will be reviewing this time round, I thought it in time and useful for my internship life! Let me share with you why:

Travelmall Professional Multi-functional Rolling Massager

I’m not gonna lie – sometimes work gets tough and there are many times where I needed to do OT in order to meet the client’s expectations. Hence, when I first received the Professional Multi-Functional Roller Massager from Travelmall, I was so elated and eager to try!

This multi-functional massager can be used directly to massage my spine, neck or legs and it is very portable – that is why I decided to bring it to my office and use it to relieve fatigue. I travel overseas and take long-distance flights at least once per year with my family so once we are allowed to travel, I’m definitely bringing this baby up on flights with me.

I also use this massager at home whenever I’m watching the TV or playing with my mobile phone as it relieves aches from tired muscles. It feels comfortable and relaxing, there were a few times I even fall asleep with the massager on!

Travelmall Anti-bacterial Cross Body Bag

I find this bag useful and handy because it is not only the perfect size to be a wallet, but it can also store my mask since the bag is anti-bacterial! It is very hygienic.

Whenever I am out eating with my friends, they would ask me if they could put their mask in this bag as well, but I don’t recommend you to stack up used masks as it could lead to cross-contamination.

Cabin Zero Adventure Cabin Backpack ADV PRO 32

I use this bag when I head to the office for my internship or when I’m heading out to meet the client as it is VERY spacious. Although I don’t pack much, (laptop, antibacterial bag and some files) I do appreciate the space that it provides. It also have a water bottle holder, which I love and use every day!

I don’t have to worry about water leaking in my bag and making all the documents wet. Despite the size and space of this bag, I must say it is surprisingly light and comfortable to carry around. Since we can’t travel anywhere right now, I guess I could use this as a staycation bag for now!