The Schneider Electric Foundation Donates $15,000 and Refurbished Laptops to Help Communities Affected By the Pandemic as Part of its Tomorrow Rising Fund

The Schneider Electric Foundation today donated €10,000 to Temasek Foundation as well as 100 refurbished laptops to CARE Singapore as part of its Tomorrow Rising Fund. The Fund was launched to help vulnerable communities respond, recover, and become more resilient in the wake of Covid-19. Schneider Electric has also matched half of all donations by its leaders and employees, and has mobilised employees, customers and partners across more than 60 countries by supporting 65 projects which benefit more than 800,000 people.

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Local Responses to a Global Crisis

In Singapore, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to lose their jobs or have their income reduced. In some cases, families have seen their household income fall to nothing during this challenging time. Underprivileged youths in such households also faced difficulties with home-based learning during the circuit-breaker period if they did not possess computers or laptops.

To help such youths, the Schneider Electric Digital team reconditioned, reformatted, and installed the newest Windows OS on the 100 laptops before passing them on to CARE Singapore. With MOE considering combining classroom learning and digital online learning in the future, Schneider Electric hopes to empower these students in their Home-Based Learning and even virtual singing, art or coding classes.

Schneider Electric has also donated €10,000 to Temasek Foundation for the oscar@sg fund managed by Temasek Trust. The fund was launched as a $10 million campaign to support ground-up initiatives that help communities affected by COVID-19. The donation by Schneider Electric will go towards supporting vulnerable groups with special needs, seniors, and less-privileged youth by providing grocery packs and meals.

In Malaysia, Schneider Electric’s Country General Manager Astri Ramayanti has pledged €10,000 and 45 refurbished laptops to Dignity for Children, which she hopes will provide more children with access to technology and aid them in their learning.