Download Trace Together and Let’s Fight this Virus Together

Try to think back to the week before the Circuit Breaker. Who did you meet and who did you talk to? Most of us would not be able to remember such information. Yet, this information is exactly what MOH’s contact tracers need in case (touch wood) you test positive for Covid-19. Luckily, you won’t need to dedicate your memory to such a task – You can simply download the government’s Trace Together app.

Trace Together

Let’s Trace Together and Overcome the Covid-19 Together

SGUnited, GovTech, and the Ministry of Health worked together to develop this app. Using Bluetooth, TraceTogether identifies other nearby phones with the app installed. It then tracks when you are in close proximity with these other persons, including timestamps. If the need arises, this information can then be used to identify close contacts based on the proximity and duration of an encounter between the two users.

Trace Together

This information is critical at this point in time, thanks to the high number of cases that have been reported in the past few days. The contact tracers are already working 24/7 to help us effectively stamp out this virus, so please make their job easier and download Trace Together and keep the app running in your phone today!

Download the app here –