The FiiO FH1s Will Keep You Company This Circuit Breaker Period

Zhimin with the FiiO FH1s

Wireless headphones are now the “in” thing because of how convenient and stylish they look, but have you ever thought about why companies like FiiO still produce wired earphones year after year? Even though the difference in audio quality between the two have reduced over the years, some diehard audiophiles still believe that a wired connection sounds more “authentic” than a mere Bluetooth connection. Having said all that, I’m just here to test these cool new FiiO FH1s out as your average Plain Jane.

FiiO FH1s

An High-Quality Successor to the FH1

Before I played around with the FH1s, this little wired earphones noob decided to research a little beforehand. Here’s what I found: FiiO has made a name for themselves in the Chinese High Fidelity audio market, due to the wide range of new products they consistently churn out for their consumers.

The FH1s – an upgraded version of its well-received predecessor, the FH1 – is a pair of very well-styled hybrid earphones – the hybridity allows for higher quality audio. 

When I opened the black box and held this pair of elegant earphones in my hands, I got the impression that the FH1s were made to last. Not only do they offer an affordable price for great sound quality, FiiO also did not skimp on components. The earphones were sturdy, felt premium, and fit perfectly. The celluloid design on the faceplates shows how each FH1s product is unique because no two celluloid will be the same. This beautiful pair of earphones also made me happy with how well they fit my ears by design – I was really hooked. 

Zhimin with the FiiO FH1s

Grooving in My Zone

I may not have a music player, but I could definitely tell the upgrade in audio quality when I plugged them into my laptop. There was 0 harshness or peakiness and, in general, the sound just feels very soothing with great bass response. Listening to Adele on this was simply bliss – I was transported to a whole new world. The FH1s also block out most atmospheric noises and created a little quiet bubble for me to just groove in. 

With the amount of time I suddenly have in excess thanks to the covid-19, I honestly feel a little overwhelmed. Listening to music at such high audio quality really made me that much more focused as it took away all distractions. Finals are still happening kiddos, and we still (unfortunately) have to grind. But let’s push on together! Don’t let the situation bring you down. Let FiiO brighten your day with some crisp vocals.

FiiO FH1s

My conclusion? At its price point of SGD$109 on Lazada, the FH1s are definitely worth the trouble with wires. Maybe this sexy beast would turn you into a music loving audiophile.