NXT Angel Avery takes a trip with the CabinZero Classic V&A Collection

I’ve done a bit of travelling in 2019, I travelled to Taiwan and Japan this year, and am planning to take the CabinZero bag I won at the NXT Angel 2019 contest on my next family trip. I’ve got the same type of CabinZero bag, though it is in the regular single colours, not a print design like this limited edition bag. I think the pattern is suitable for people that prefer a more outstanding, more outgoing design.

Personally I prefer CabinZero’s solid colours as I’m not a very flamboyant girl but I think it will appeal to a user who is a bit more bold in their fashion choices, though if I usually wear clean colours then I think this pattern would make a good accessory to spice up my outfit of the day.

I’m looking forward to using my CabinZero C28 backpack on my next overseas trip, because the bag is pretty spacious and convenient to pack a lot of my gear in it and carry on into an airline cabin, and I like the piece of mind that the Okoban luggage tracking provides. I won’t use it to school though, as I kind of find that the two handle (top and side handles) design is a bit strange for a school backpack – though its fine for luggage!

Avery is in her second year at Nanyang Polytechnic in Business Management, and she’s specialising in retail and events. She has participated in a few events before, like helping represent NXT at the Canon Photomarathon a few months ago. Avery enjoyed it and hopes to attend more in future if possible. You can find her Instagram page @avrreysnow.


CabinZero Classic V&A Collection

A collaboration with the world’s leading art and design museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Classic V&A collection is only available at Robinsons The Heeren and comprises of six CabinZero luggage featuring four classic patterns and prints. The Night Floral design features a floral dress-fabric print designed by William Kilburn in 1788-92. The Spitalfields silk design is inspired from the woven silk patterns of James Leman created in 1718, and influenced by the chinoiserie movement in Europe, while the classic Paisley pattern of textile designer George Haite, from 1850, is in homage of the Indian influence on fashion in the Vicorian era. The fourth pattern, Azar, is drawn from Iranian woven textiles in the first half of the 19th century, and depicts flaming lotus flowers.

S$99 / RM280 (Classic 28L bag)