Save Up To $388 on 1Gbps Broadband Subscription Through WhizComms’ Latest Promotion (Ends 8 Feb)

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with huge savings of up to $388 through the lowest-priced 1Gbps fibre broadband you can get in Singapore. WhizComms is offering extremely low-priced broadband deals from now to 8 February 2020; $34/month for No-Frills Plan, $36.90/month (UP: $39/mth) for 1Gbps Wireless Router Plan and $41.90/month (UP: $49/month) for 1Gbps Mesh Wi-Fi Solution Plan.

Whizcomms' CNY 2020 Promo - Save up to $388There are plans available for customers with differing preferences. For those who prefer to pay the lowest possible monthly broadband subscription rates without having to pay for additional hardware costs, they can opt for No-Frills plans. Whereas for those who want strong, stable connection with no WiFi dead zones, they can opt for the Mesh Wi-Fi solution plans.

Whizcomms' CNY 2020 Promo - Save up to $388Customers will receive an exclusive waiver of NLT activation fee worth $56.71, free WhizComms’ activation fee worth $53.50 and free weekday (9am-530pm) delivery and installation worth $53.50 for any subscription to 1Gbps Fibre broadband plans. On top of that, they are entitled to free onsite Wi-Fi Audit Service worth $35 for any subscription to Wireless router or Mesh Wi-Fi Solution Plan.

Whizcomms' CNY 2020 Promo - Save up to $388

Additional perks of free 3 months Viu premium worth $23.98 will be offered to those who sign up for Mesh Wi-Fi Solution Plan, where they can watch the latest premium Korean dramas, variety shows and other Asian programs anytime anywhere.

The table below summarizes the 1Gbps Fibre broadband promotions and plans offered by WhizComms.

Whizcomms' CNY 2020 Promo - Save up to $388

The promotion ends on 8 February 2020.

For those who are interested, visit WhizComms’ website at and enter the promo code < WOWCNY20> to enjoy the offer!