Quali-tea pictures with the Canon EOS M200

About a week ago, my friend and I visited The Bubble Tea Factory exhibition at Orchard. Like most Singaporeans, I love bubble tea, and when I heard that there was going to be an exhibition on it, I was quite excited!

Averyl and friend at the Bubble Tea Exhibition, photo taken with the Canon EOS M200

The exhibition was filled with multiple displays and rooms, each with their own unique colour and theme for guests to take Insta-worthy pictures to their heart’s content. In addition, there were rooms that were dark, and some that were so, so colourful! Thanks to Canon, I was given a chance to have a hands-on experience with the Canon EOS M200, and what better way to test it than at an exhibition like this!

About the Canon EOS M200

The EOS M200 is a follow up to the older M100 model. It is a mirrorless compact camera, and its light weight makes it very easy to carry around. The camera packs a very good 24MP APS-C sensor which gives you the same image quality as a much bulkier DSLRs. The pocket-size of the camera really stood out to me, as I don’t like having too many things with me while I’m out (especially if they are heavy)!

In addition, I thought that the EOS M200 was very user-friendly. I really liked the 3” touch screen, which allowed me to tap-to-focus, making it easier to take quick snaps. Another thing that I really liked about the camera was how easy it was to transfer photos. Along with the Canon Camera Connect app, I was able to very quickly transfer the photos on the camera straight to my iPhone. Perfect for a busy person like myself!

Testing the Camera

With the increasing quality of phone cameras, who needs a pocket camera, am I right? I tested the EOS M200 against my iPhone 11 Pro Max, which has a fantastic camera with low light functions. The results of the test actually took me by surprise.

First, I noticed that the EOS M200 captured colours much better than the iPhone. The colours that were shot by the camera looked much brighter and more vibrant. It easily made the colours ‘pop’, compared to the iPhone which made them duller.

Averyl testing the Canon EOS M200 at the Bubble Tea Exhibition, comparing it to the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Secondly, under low light settings, the EOS M200 managed to capture the subject – in this case, myself – really well. It is worth noting that the photos on the EOS M200 were more detailed as the camera captured a higher resolution compared to the iPhone. The iPhone however, managed to capture the colorful background with more saturation in the colours. 

Averyl testing the Canon EOS M200 at the Bubble Tea Exhibition, comparing it to the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Is It Worth Getting?

The Canon EOS M200 was perfect for a beginner like myself. Although phone cameras these days can be seen as good enough, the experience of taking photographs with an actual camera is definitely much more fun. The 4K video function of the EOS M200, along with its pocket-size, makes it the perfect handheld camera, whether it be for vlogging or photography. I really enjoyed my experience with the Canon EOS M200. Thank you, Canon, for giving me the opportunity to have fun with it!