The LG CordZero A9 Handstick Offers Cordless Freedom with Longer Run Time and Versatile Use

LG has launched two new CordZero A9 handstick vacuum cleaners: A9ULTIMATE and A9PETNBED. The cordless solutions are ideal for users who require the flexibility to take their cleaning indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Cleaning becomes more convenient with the handstick vacuums’ ergonomic design, and two interchangeable batteries for longer usage. Depending on the user’s needs, each vacuum model comes with selected attachments that cater to specific cleaning requirements.

Woman using the LG CordZero A9 Handstick

A Two-in-One Solution with the A9ULTIMATE’s Power Drive Mop Feature

Unique to the A9ULTIMATE model is its ability to vacuum and mop at the same time.

Homeowners can reduce their cleaning time by half as they no longer have to prep and store two separate devices. Both functions can now be set up, operated and then kept together, making the cleaning process fuss-free.

The A9ULTIMATE mop design features an automatic water supply system and two 360-degree rotatable mop pads. Users can set the water supply settings to control the amount of water supplied to the rotating pads, and an electric pump automatically supplies water from the reservoir to continuously keep the mop pads damp. Users are offered two types of mop pads with this model, one for general cleaning and the other for stubborn stains.

Convenience and Usability for a Comfortable Cleaning Experience

Helping homeowners to complete the cleaning process efficiently is the DUAL PowerPack feature. Both A9 models include two rechargeable and interchangeable lithium-ion batteries for longer running time. Simply eject the battery for a quick swap, slip in the new battery and enjoy up to 80 minutes of total run time. Clean the house in a single session without having to wait around while charging the batteries again!

While cleaning, homeowners can have easy control over vacuuming options and select different cleaning functions through the OneTouchControl feature. The telescopic pipe design also lets users adjust the length to their preferred height for added versatility, and the Opti-balanced Handleoffers a comfortable grip. To empty the dust bin after cleaning, just press the button on the side of the canister to release the lid.

Woman using the LG CordZero A9 Handstick

Easy Maintenance and Storage Solution

The LG CordZero A9 models require minimal maintenance with removable and washable filters. Users can easily twist the mesh filter to detach it from the vacuum and rinse it under running water to remove any dirt. Users can remove the metal filter by using the crevice tool to avoid direct contact with dirt, and the cleaning roller by turning the bottom lever to slide the roller out from its housing. Storage is also made easy with three space-saving storage options: wall-mount, self-standing and compact mode.

Thoughtful Attachments for Various Applications

In a tropical country like Singapore, it is important to maintain clean furnishings as dust mites are known to thrive in humid conditions that can lead to various allergies. The Bedding Power Punch accessory comes in handy and is available in both A9 models. Useful for cleaning mattresses, beddings, sofas, car seats and picking up pet fur, the nozzle vibrates up to 4,000 times per minute to remove harmful dust mites, without damaging the bedding material as it does not feature any brush hair. The trench of the nozzle also form air motions to prevent suction of bedding materials into the vacuum, saving homeowners the pain and effort of having to drag the vacuum across bedspreads, and then pulling upwards to lift it away like conventional vacuum cleaners.

Other nozzles that come with the LG CordZero A9 models include the crevice tool, for cleaning hard-to-access areas such as dust trapped in between books, along baseboards or around vents. The combination tool is a 2-in-1 accessory that can double as a soft brush or a hard nozzle, for cleaning windowsills and even electronic devices such as keyboards.

Woman using the LG CordZero A9 Handstick

Smart Inverter Motor and Five-Step Filtration System for Efficient Cleaning

The new LG CordZero A9 features an AEROSCIENCE technology, which uses powerful mini whirlwinds of air to separate out dust particles. Utilizing a Smart Inverter Motor that spins at high speeds with minimal friction, it generates rapid air flow inside the device’s cyclone chambers for powerful suction and separation of dirt specks. With the brushless motor design, the A9 handstick vacuums offer durability that is also backed by a 10-year parts warranty on the motor.

Apart from that, the LG CordZero A9 is designed with a five-step filtration system that first separates larger dust and dirt particles and deposits them in the dust bin, then uses a pre-filter and fine dust filter to capture remaining smaller dust particles, improving the overall indoor air quality and homeowner’s quality of life.