Canon EOS 90D Review: Action DSLR

The new EOS 90D DSLR shares many of the same features of the mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II that we reviewed in the November issue of NXT. In fact, there’s now two Canon cameras with very similar specifications as a way to give users a choice of purchasing either a DSLR or MILC.

Canon calls the EOS 90D a prodigy mid-range DSLR, a camera designed with more advanced photography features that will suit photographers who are continuing to explore their creative abilities in digital photography and who want a camera with better control for image composition. The camera is one that they can use as an all-purpose camera, from capturing indoor events to shooting outdoor sports.

Canon EOS 90D

In terms of external design and ergonomics, the 90D shares almost the same body as its predecessor – the EOS 80D – though if you place them side-by-side you’ll notice the subtle ergonomic refinements that Canon always makes, such as a slight roundness to the weather-proof body and main control knob. The one major difference between the two cameras is the inclusion of a new 8-way multi-controller located to the top right of the camera’s monitor that makes it easy to access with your right thumb, so you can use it to select the focal point while your eye is on the viewfinder.

As with the EOS M6 Mark II, the EOS 90D has a 32.5 Megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor and Digic 8 imaging processor. This gives the EOS 90D the ability to capture 4K Ultra-HD video up to 30p and use face priority and Eye Detection AF to capture faces. The optical viewfinder has a 45-point all-cross type AF system while in Live View there’s Dual Pixel AF with 5,481 selectable AF positions so it’s actually quite a bit easier in an Auto mode point-and-shoot sense to capture snapshots in Live View mode.

The EOS 90D felt efficiently solid in my hand, just the right weight to easily bring to the eye while photographing around Esplanade Park. When using the OVF in continuous mode to capture a moving subject in AI Servo AF, the 90D shoots at 10fps, which is decently fast and allowed me to try shooting tourist groups who are always around that area on a weekend, though the EF-S18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM kit lens that Canon sent along with the EOS 90D was a bit too basic for good bokeh, and I would have preferred a longer EF zoom lens to try some wildlife photography. Switching over to Live View to try out the 3-inch vari-angle touchscreen, I found the AF to be quite fast and even a bit more accurate to spot focus (due to having more AF points) than when using the OVF.


Rating: 4.5/5

$1,779 (Body only)

The technical progress of MILCs has certainly caught up with the DSLR but the EOS 90D is still a very capable camera that produces high quality imagery. Its a solid comfortable camera for outdoor photography and when using EF lenses.