HyperX Cloud Orbit S Review: 3D Gaming sound

HyperX is a gaming sub-brand for PC component maker Kingston, and features game-specific RAM and peripherals including this new pair of 3D headphones. The Cloud Orbit is the brand’s latest pair of 3D audio gaming headphones that features planar magnetic audio drivers and comes in two versions, the Cloud Orbit with 3D audio, and the Cloud Orbit S with 3D audio and head-tracking technology. 

HyperX Cloud Orbit S

If this sounds familiar that’s because the Cloud Orbit S is basically the Audeze Mobius we reviewed last year, though without the Bluetooth connectivity of the Mobius. It also looks almost the same, with different highlight colours and badging. Three bundled cables ensure you can connect the Cloud Orbit S to a PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PS4, though multi-channel audio is only supported on a PC or Mac.  

For the 3D modes, click the button once will centre the HRTF (head-related transfer function) positioning. With 3D Auto mode your gaming sound will spatially ‘lock’ – for example, say you ‘hear’ a sound coming from in front of you. In 3D Auto mode if you turn your head right, the sound will ‘shift’ to your left headphone. Like the Audeze Mobius, the HyperX Cloud Orbit S uses a hardware-based solution to achieving accurate 7.1 channel decoding and emulation. This also means that if you listen to a multi-channel audio track, say an orchestra performance, you can differentiate different instruments and where they are positioned compred to you.

With the 3D mode turned on, the Cloud Orbit S sound staging sounds as if it is coming from the front at about half a meter away, and does not have an exaggerated distant feel compared to the Creative Super X-Fi.


Rating: 4.5/5

Cloud Orbit $439

Cloud Orbit S $485


The HyperX Cloud Orbit S headphones caters to gamers, home movie goers and serious audio lovers to enjoy 3D audio effects, above-average audio performance and surround sound simulation.