Cancel Out Noise in Style with Sony’s WH-H910N Headphones

Sony introduced its new headphones, the h.ear in 3 wireless NC WH-H910N. The new h.ear range headphones will come in a choice of 5 two-tone colour combinations to suit any lifestyle.

Girl listening to WH-H910N

Superior Sound, Your Way: h.ear On 3 Wireless NC WH-H910N

The H910N headphones effectively cancel ambient noise around you so your full attention is on the music. Thanks to the Dual Noise Sensor technology, more ambient noise is cancelled, improving your listening experience.

Adaptive Sound Control allows you to listen your way by automatically changing the headphone noise cancellation settings depending on your surroundings. Paired with Quick Attention mode, it has never been easier to lose yourself in music when you’re out and about. Simply hold your hand over the earcup to reduce music volume and temporarily listen to announcements around you without removing your headphones.

Man listening to WH-H910N

Small but powerful 25mm drivers with highly rigid aluminum domes and soft urethane edge diaphragms, achieve the same sound pressure as conventional 40mm drivers – ideal for reproducing a full range of frequencies from low beats to soaring vocals.

Compact and lightweight, housing thickness is decreased on the H910N headphones. The gap between the face and the headband is smaller for a sleeker look. The earpad shape has also been redesigned, maximising the contact area with your face to improve comfort and stability.

Along with Quick Attention mode, touch sensors allow you to control your headphones without taking out your device. Control your headphones via the earcup and surrounding buttons to perform a range of functions including skipping songs and activating the voice assistant. These headphones are also compatible with the dedicated Sony | Headphones Connect app so you can personalise your music as easily as your style.

Red WH-H910N

The H910N headphones have an impressive battery life of up to 35 hours for all day listening. If you do run out of juice, the headphones have a Quick Charge function which gives you 2.5 hours of entertainment with a speedy 10-minute charge.

Availability and Pricing

The WH-H910N is now available at selected Sony Stores, Sony Centres and Sony authorised dealers at a recommended retail price of $399.