Schneider Electric Launches Smart Factory Readiness Assessment And Experiential Zones At Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific Conference 2019

Schneider Electric launched its new Smart Factory Readiness Assessment and range of smart manufacturing solutions at the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) conference, held from 22 – 24 October at Singapore Expo.

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Smart Factory Readiness Assessment

At Schneider Electric’s booth 2B18 – Hall 2, visitors can take the Smart Factory Readiness Assessment to find out how “smart” their factory is and how they compare to other plants in the same benchmark or category. Through a two-minute assessment at the booth, visitors will receive a customised Smart Factory blueprint that:

  • identifies the stage of their automation journey
  • informs them of the key defining characteristics of their current stage of automation
  • highlights the main challenges of moving on to their next stage of automation
  • provides detailed recommendation on the next course of action in the automation journey.

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7 Experiential Zones Of A Future-Ready Smart Factory

Visitors will be able to experience an immersive journey that demonstrates seven key pillars that form the building blocks of a future-ready Smart Factory. Through virtual reality simulations and interactive panels, each of the seven zones showcase the benefits of deploying smart manufacturing technologies in the following ways:

  1. 3D Plant Design This exhibit helps visitors visualise their whole plant design in 3D and run product simulations across the plant’s life cycle before actual deployment. Through the hands-on experience, visitors can better understand how to deliver projects efficiently, eliminate errors and rework, and collaborate effectively with teams within the business and with partners.
  2. Safety Witness how the troubleshooting time can be accelerated and reduce incidents by digitising all safety critical applications into a single platform for easy viewing. With AI-generated preventive measures, safety standards can be implemented across the plants remotely, track KPIs automatically and send alerts to items that require attention.
  3. Energy Performance & Sustainability Discover how to tap on AI-informed data analytics to track and improve inefficient processes across your plant’s power usage, through real-time, historical and power quality dashboards. With the ability to track data from more than 400 streams, plant owners can track supply, demand and sustainability in one location to make informed decisions for optimum performance.
  4. Business Continuity & Cyber Security Learn how vulnerability scans and network security evaluations detect risks and threats arising from components and systems early on. By implementing a robust cybersecurity strategy, the security of the infrastructure can be strengthened and ensure business continuity.
  5. Smart Operations When power and process management systems operate as separate silos, industrial organizations soon find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Discover how Schneider Electric breaks down the traditional barriers between power and process control systems to help customers in energy-intensive industries monitor their operations, providing performance information at every level, increasing bandwidth and cost efficiency.
  6. Smart Maintenance Learn how to leverage virtual reality to conduct training and implement better maintenance processes for your plant. Instead of having regular maintenance every month, the real-time, automatic diagnostic tools can detect risks early, identify potential causes and provide recommended solutions.
  7. Empowered Users This experience zone demonstrates how augmented reality is used for users to get immediate access in the field to real-time data, user manuals and information, along with actionable alerts and recommended corrective action to support smart operational and maintenance decisions. With the adoption of skills assessment and training plans, the workforce can develop new skills catered to new technologies.

Products at ITAP: EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, Harmony Hub, Modicon M262 Controller and TeSys Island

EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor uses augmented reality to slash the amount of time a worker spends looking for information to about a tenth of current levels. By superimposing real-time data and virtual objects (point of interest, documentation, procedures) onto cabinets or machines, this “contactless maintenance” model also increases safety. EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor V2.4 is easy to customize; no special platform knowledge is required. Users can also easily add augmented reality into existing procedures and export notes and analysis to share with others.

Harmony Hub A non-intrusive wireless gateway for managing existing industrial equipment, Harmony Hub digitises the production line and provides computed data to guide and improve overall equipment efficiency. Connecting up to 60 different wireless devices and with ethernet-based connectivity to both information technology (IT) architecture and operational technology (OT) architecture, Harmony Hub can be paired with the digital services of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform to obtain greater value including reducing installation costs by 80%.

Modicon M262 Controller Designed for machines that require logic and motion, the Modicon M262 Controller is a manufacturing machine controller that takes care of cybersecurity and supports monitoring, analytics and predictive maintenance. With embedded cloud connectivity, the controller facilitates communication in the plant and to the cloud, and is suitable for industries such as Electronics, Food & Beverage, Hoisting, Material Handling, Packaging and Textile.

TeSys Island A digital multifunctional load management solution, TeSys Island is designed to switch, protect and manage motors and other electrical loads up to 80Amps in an electrical control panel. Fully digitised and object-oriented, TeSys Island allows intuitive and simplified engineering of machines while reducing time to market for machines used in Food & Beverage, Material Working, Material Handling, Small Pumps and Packaging.