Start Your Creative Journey With Lomography’s Lomo’Instat Automat Glass

Zhimin with the Lomo'Instat Automat Glass

Photography is something that I have always wanted to venture into, but never did because I was afraid. The fear that I would embarrass myself with the lack of technical skills and what photographers call “The Eye” stopped me for years. However, ever since I entered university, there were a few modules that I have taken that taught me about design work. That was when I properly came into contact with photography. 

Lomo'Instat Automat Glass

Laying hands on Lomography’s Lomo’Instat Automat Glass, I was initially afraid to even unbox it. How do I review a polaroid camera when I am not even good at taking photos? I was afraid that I wouldn’t do a good job – I am not exactly the most familiar with film cameras.

Unboxing the Lomo Cam

As I slowly unboxed the camera, I came across this small pamphlet that introduced the camera. The pamphlet briefly mentioned the camera’s functions and explained what Lomography really is, “Lomography stands for a freer and louder style of shooting – closer to life itself.”. Reading the 10 golden rules of Lomography, I came across one that really #shook me:

#6 Don’t think (by William Firebrace). 

Accessories for the Lomo'Instat Automat Glass

Amidst all the worrying about technical skills, this camera reminded me that as much as photography requires technical skills, it is a form of art as well. And art requires you to let loose and have fun. That was exactly what I did with this new Lomo camera!

The camera is equipped with a multi-coated 38mm wide-angle glass lens and comes with 2 extra lenses: the Splitzer and the Close-Up-Lens. It even comes with a remote control that allows you to take polaroids from afar – How convenient! Some other add-ons include colored-gel filters, a standard ¼” tripod thread and materials to display those beautiful shots.

Lomo'Instat Automat Glass

Features of the Lomo’Instat Automat Glass

For a polaroid camera, the Lomo’Instat Automat Glass impressed me with its maximum aperture of f/4.5, shooting beautifully even in low-light situations. What’s more, its razor-sharp focus works on anything from 0.3m for absolutely stunning shots. 

In addition to its fully automatic settings, this camera is also equipped with a variety of creative features that allows spontaneous snapshots, experimental light paintings, and multiple exposures. This new Lomo camera really empowered me to take more daring shots without a second thought, because every photo taken gives an exciting result. It allowed me to experiment and be comfortable with trying new features without fear.

Lens cover from the Lomo'Instat Automat Glass

What makes this experience even better is that I can finally take polaroids without a cameraman. This makes capturing memories on a solo travel, a date, and even group gatherings so much easier. Even selfies are made easier with the Self-Portrait Mirror on the top left of the camera! 

Thank you Lomography for sending this over, and opening my eyes to new possibilities with your new camera. Thank you also for teaching me to be daring, and trusting my instincts. If, like me, you are afraid to venture into the whole creative/photography scene, pick the Lomo’Instat Automat Glass! Seize life instantly with the new Lomo’Instat Automat Glass now. The possibilities with this camera are endless.