Ready To Travel 2.0 – The One Stop Travel Planner

These days, more and more people have the ability to indulge in the pleasure of travelling abroad, be it a short weekend get-away or a two-week Europe tour. However, while many people love to travel, not many enjoy the process of planning a trip. This is usually where a tour agency comes in. With the launch of Ready To Travel 2.0 (RTT 2.0), travellers can now safely plan their trips with friends and family through the app, where things are categorised and made easier for the users. 

Worldwide Lounge Access

Worldwide Airport Lounge Access

There are many new features that differentiate the RTT 2.0 from its predecessors, as well as other travelling applications. One of the key features would be the lounge access to over 400 airport lounges in close to 100 countries. Travellers are now able to enjoy lounge access at a fixed price without being a member or being a business/first class traveller. 

Bag Locate within the app

Bag-Locate Within 96 Hours

Another key feature would be the new global bag-locate service. This service promises to recover any lost luggage within 96-hour, or else there will be a pay-out of up to S$2,200 per delayed bag. Each traveller can insure two bags from as little as $6. This allows travellers to be reassured that the recovery of their bags are taken seriously. They would be informed of any updates of their bags as soon as possible.

Ready to Travel 2.0 assisting with travel plans 

Travel Insurance and Pocket WiFi

RTT 2.0 provides a one-stop platform for travellers to plan their trip so easily, allowing travellers to build their itinerary with their friends and upload any travel documents required into the app. Travellers can also discover essential info about their destination. Aside from these, you can also purchase travel insurance for as low as $12 with amazing payout and coverage, as well as an overseas pocket wifi which is able to connect up to 6 devices concurrently!

Ready To Travel 2.0 is available for download in Singapore, on all phones running on iOS version 11.0 or Android version 6.0 and above. Use it to plan your next getaway!