RHA TrueConnect Review: True Connections

Scottish audio brand RHA has been making quite a mark with their own take on personal audio and their much anticipated first foray into the true wireless segment is a decent performer, though slightly hampered by their local pricing, which is just $10 below the price of Apple’s upgraded AirPods.

That said, for the many people who dislike the AirPod’s design, which lets in a lot of ambient noise, the understated flat black TrueConnect could be a viable alternative, especially for Android users who want earbuds that will stay on even when you run. That’s because the TrueConnect comes with a whopping ten different types of ear tips for you to obtain a great fit, with seven pairs of silicone ear tips and three pairs of thicker Comply Foam Rx-2000 ear tips.

RHA TrueConnect

The earbuds themselves have been designed with a plastic barrel body that contains most of the electronics plus an AirPod-like stem, which RHA’s marketing manager Colum Fraser told us when we met him at CanJam Singapore 2019 served two purposes – to bring the microphones closer to a person’s mouth for better call pick-up and to extend the antennas in each earbud for better Bluetooth reception. Each earbud has a large control surface that you press to change settings, such as double-press to increase volume.

While the RHA TrueConnect uses Bluetooth 5 for excellent connectivity and we experienced only one or two drop-outs, there is no AAC or aptX codec support. Playback quality is, however, good, Goldfrapp’s Utopia comes out with rich unmuddled bass while Alison Goldfrapp’s soaring arias are well-defined if not spectacular.

RHA have paired the TrueConnect earbuds with a comparatively large charging case that provides an additional 20 hours of charge on top of the 5 hours built into each earbud.


Rating: 4/5

Sweat proof with good audio and excellent batteries, the RHA TrueConnect is a decent pair of true wireless earbuds that will snugly fit almost any ear.