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NXT June 2019 Issue

May 2019 was another packed month for the crew of NXT as it kicked off with our attendance at the annual IFA Global Press Conference in Andalusia, Spain, where we attended in-depth briefing on the latest consumer electronics market trends, presentations from companies such as Philips and Hisense on their upcoming technology and check cool product showcases, which we’ve featured in the Guru section of NXT June 2019.

NXT June 2019 Issue Guru cover

NXT June 2019 Issue Cover Story segment

If you are planning to purchase a Mirrorless Camera in the next few months then our main feature for June is perfect for you, as it discusses mirrorless camera technology and what this camera format can offer to you, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve only used a smartphone camera before, because there’s literally a mirrorless camera suitable for everyone.

NXT June 2019 Issue Group Test section

Speaking of smartphones, we’ve done a superset shootout of the Huawei P30 Pro versus the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the Apple iPhone Max XS, and once you’ve read this article don’t forget to check out www.nxtmag.tech for photo samples from this super test.

NXT June 2019 Issue GEAR section

The Internet of Things has also hit the big-time as you can now use smart sensors to monitor an entire building or city block and become more power efficient! We spoke to Singapore Country President of Schneider Electric about how using smart sensors aids in going green.

NXT June 2019 Issue Luxury section

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