The FreeStyle Libre Digital Ecosystem Joins the Fight Against Diabetes!

A new ally joins the war on Diabetes, as Abbott announces the launch of the FreeStyle Libre digital ecosystem of free mobile apps and secure, cloud-based data management system, enabling real-time, actionable information to help Singaporeans manage diabetes better.

FreeStyle Libre

Fighting the Good Fight

Over half a million Singaporeans are affected by diabetes. Effective management of the condition starts with regular glucose monitoring. Fitting glucose monitoring seamlessly into a user’s daily lifestyle is now possible with the FreeStyle LibreLink app, which can be used by Singaporeans with compatible smartphones. People living with diabetes and using the FreeStyle Libre system can now directly scan and access glucose data using their smartphones, eliminating the need to carry the separate FreeStyle Libre reader.

Man using the FreeStyle Libre

Utilizing the smartphone’s NFC capability, the FreeStyle LibreLink app helps users capture and view real-time glucose levels, an eight-hour glucose history, how glucose is currently changing, and easily add notes to track food, insulin use, medication and exercise.

Users of the FreeStyle LibreLink app will have access to several updates and new features in comparison to the FreeStyle Libre reader, including: a larger, high-resolution display, text-to-speech capabilities for glucose readings (when enabled), the ability to log smaller doses of insulin (0.1 unit versus 0.5 units), and support for 26 languages. While the app can replace the reader for routine glucose testing, the two can also be used in combination with each other.

FreeStyle Libre screenshot

A Digital Ecosystem

The FreeStyle Libre digital ecosystem is built around tools that help users to Scan (to view one’s glucose levels), Reveal (share glucose data with healthcare professional), and Connect (share glucose data with loved ones and caregivers).

FreeStyle LibreLink users can share their glucose information with a healthcare professional through LibreView, a secure, cloud-based diabetes management system.

FreeStyle Libre screenshot

Users also have the option to share their information with loved ones and caregivers through the LibreLinkUp app. Every time a user scans the sensor, caregivers and loved ones who have been provided access through LibreLinkUp can see the glucose information, anytime, anywhere.

FreeStyle Libre screenshot

The FreeStyle LibreLink app and the LibreLinkUp app can be downloaded free of charge for both iPhone and Android in Singapore.

FreeStyle Libre is presently available across 46 countries, and 33 of these already have full or partial reimbursement.