Hwee Seng to Take Over Distributorship of Pioneer Brands’ Home AudioVisual (AV) Equipment in Singapore and Malaysia

Hwee Seng today announced that it will be taking over the distributorship of Pioneer Brands’ home audiovisual equipment in Singapore and Malaysia, effective from 16 May 2019.

Under the new arrangement, Hwee Seng will be in charge of distributing Pioneer Brands’ home audiovisual equipment, including its new line-up of AV receivers, upcoming range of earphones as well as its comprehensive suite of micro Hi-Fi systems, DVD players, true 4K UHD Blu-ray players, and soundbars.

Pioneer AudioVisual equipment that will be taken over by Hwee Seng

A Historical Partnership

Since the 1930s, Pioneer has been building its reputation as a market leader in the audiovisual industry. Hwee Seng was the company that helped introduce Pioneer in Singapore and Malaysia since the 1960s. In 1989, with the establishment of Pioneer Singapore, Pioneer took over the distribution of its own products.

Thirty years later in 2019, things have come full circle, as Pioneer is set to hand over the distribution rights back to Hwee Seng as it shifts gear to focus on in-car entertainment products. Pioneer aims to be a leading aftermarket manufacturer and supplier to leading car brands, providing comprehensive infotainment solutions for in-car, by developing next-generation devices and innovative cloud services for the growing connected car market.