LG Introduces New LG Home Concept at Innofest 2019 APAC

LG is kicking off its seventh annual InnoFest roadshow with a first-ever stop in Sydney, Australia from March 12 to 13. This year the company is introducing an entirely new format to showcase its visionary LG Home concept, increase visitor engagement, and enable its partners in the Asia-Pacific region to enjoy a more compelling experience.

Photo from LG's Innofest 2019 Apac

A Star-Studded Lineup

LG’s flagship home appliance lineups – LG ThinQ, LG SIGNATURE, and LG Objet – are at the core of the exciting new LG Home concept. The appliances seamlessly join with mobile apps and the cloud to facilitate a more personalized user experience, one that constantly evolves through data analysis and interconnectivity to better meet the user’s needs.

Photo from LG's Innofest 2019 Apac

Practical Demonstrations in a Conducive Environment

Accordingly, InnoFest APAC has a new look and format, comprising a more experience-driven program that highlights LG’s living space solutions and the transformative value they bring. Under the LG Home concept, a wide array of innovative products can be seen throughout a modern mansion located in Sydney’s suburbs.

Through usage demonstrations conducted in the real living place, including the kitchen, living room and garden, visitors can witness the company’s premium lifestyle service in action, where products connect and communicate to automate the home experience and take the pressure off pressed-for-time family members. Based on the three pillars of LG’s Open strategy – Evolve, Connect, and Open – LG ThinQ appliances present an individualized AI experience for users, offering greater convenience through proactive product management along with performance and services enhanced by contextual understanding.

Photo from LG's Innofest 2019 Apac

Innovation on Display

The top-notch design of the LG SIGNATURE range adds a sophisticated quality to the living space, while the LG Objet lineup fuses elements of modern furniture with technology to offer an unprecedented level of style and functionality. Other innovative products are also on display at InnoFest, including LG V50 ThinQ 5G and LG G8 ThinQ smartphones, recently unveiled at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, the LG HomeBrew capsule-based craft beer maker, and the LG Pra. L personal skin care solution.

More than 200 guests including regional retailers, business partners and the media are attending InnoFest in Sydney, experiencing first-hand how LG is redefining the home electronics market and cementing its status as a lifestyle innovator. InnoFest APAC will be followed by InnoFest events in Europe, Central Asia and Latin America.