NXT Angel Shihui doodles on the Lenovo Yoga Book C930

I think the Yoga Book C930 is quite a comprehensive device and not just a simple drawing tablet. I like the fact that you can draw monochrome on the e-ink pad, then add colour on the other screen. I like how light it is and especially how folds 360-degrees, I think its amazing. I wonder if you could put it into tent mode, then one person could use the ebook reader while the person on the other side watches a video!

I have a tablet myself but I prefer my PCs to watch shows because I like a bigger screen, and I actually don’t like to hold onto a tablet while watching a show. I love watching Netflix especially when you’re binge-watching and once you’ve finished an episode the next one automatically plays, you can just keep watching episode after episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

I don’t really like to use a pen or stylus – usually, the most I’ve ever done with my tablet is to highlight notes.”

Shihui does event modelling while finishing her degree in banking and finance at the University of London, with plans join the finance industry. She love dogs, and I enjoys going to pet cafes. You can follow her on Instagram @shihuirush.

Lenovo Yoga Book C930

The original Yoga Book was an unusual hybrid device that could be purchased in either Windows or Android versions and featured an E-ink drawing pad with a virtual ‘Halo’ keyboard mode. With an Intel Atom x5 processor, the original 10.1-inch Yoga Book was quite basic in performance, unlike the new Yoga Book C930 which while retaining the same general dimensions and watchband hinge, has been significantly enhanced with a Core i5 processor, 10.8-inch QHD LCD touchscreen and a 108-inch Full-HD Flexible E Ink Mobius Display, which can now be used in three modes – sketching, virtual keyboard with haptic feedback, and an as an eBook reader; a Lenovo Precision Pen and a fingerprint reader.