LG’s Inspiration Gallery takes SXSW by Storm

Engaging with thought leaders, tastemakers and tech mavens at South by Southwest (SXSW) for the first time, LG Electronics is offering festival-goers a sneak peek at future product concepts being developed to transform the way we live.

LG Inspiration GalleryThe LG Inspiration Gallery – open March 8 for 5 days in the heart of the SXSW action near the Austin Convention Center – will feature innovative LG technologies, ranging from a series of new AI robots and unique smart lighting solutions to the company’s first connected ice cream maker. The LG Inspiration Gallery also will showcase advanced new products previewed at CES 2019, including the world’s first rollable TV – LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R – and the new LG HomeBrew capsule-based craft beer maker.

LG Inspiration Gallery Beer Maker

Through anthropological and psychological research on trends, human behaviors and cultural codes from all over the world – conducted by an affiliated, independent multidisciplinary lab called Life Soft Research – the LG NBC exemplifies the company’s principles of open innovation, with designs strongly reflecting the opinions of employees and customers. LG HomeBrew, the innovative capsule-based device that allows consumers to create their own homemade craft beer, is an example of technology stemming from the in-depth work undertaken at LG NBC.

New Concept Robots and More

At SXSW, LG is showcasing the latest additions to its AI robot line, LG CLOi. The concept models illustrate the company’s wide-ranging efforts to develop robots that are capable of communicating and identifying with users.

LG Inspiration Gallery

Five new LG CLOi concepts are being shown for the first time with robots that recognize your emotional state and can express a variety of feelings including the four major emotions (joy, peace, sadness and anger); robots that recognize space, objects and can communicate with users; robots with new interfaces that simplify the smart home’s IoT hub; and robots that act as playmates for pets and children, and keep an eye on the home.

LG will also be displaying a prototype personal ice cream maker – Snowwhite. Using specialized capsules that create delicious flavors and creamy textures, anyone will be able to make frozen delights to satisfy various preferences – from traditional ice creams to sorbets to gelatos, even frozen yogurts.

LG Inspiration Gallery Snowwhite

Unique Technologies

Catering to the SXSW creative community is a new audience-interaction concept for performances known as the Fantastick. Revealed for the first time in the LG Inspiration Gallery, this unique Smart Lighting System concept helps create an emotional connection between the performers and the audience. Using the Fantastick, the audience will become more than passive spectators and participate in performance art in new ways.

LG Inspiration Gallery Fantastick

A wall clock named TIME + SPACE that not only tells the time but also provides useful information regarding weather updates and scheduling information, along with stunning earring-shaped wireless earphones, shine, which deliver excellent sound and can be worn as jewelry, are just some of the extraordinary technologies that LG will be showcasing.

LG Inspiration Gallery Signature OLED TV R

Finally, a must-see highlight of the LG Inspiration Gallery is the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R, the world’s first rollable TV – with a razor-thin 65-inch 4K Ultra HD flexible display that resembles a minimalist sculpture when hidden in the low-profile console cabinet in Zero View mode then magically rises to deliver a large-screen home cinema experience in Full View mode.