Linksys and Trend Micro Join Forces to Deliver New Security Features to Velop Tri-Band Users

Linksys announced new software updates for Velop Tri-Band users aptly named Linksys Shield. Powered by Trend Micro, Linksys Shield is a premium subscription software service for users to block unwanted content/category and provide an additional layer of digital protection for your connected devices and family. 

Velop security update screenshot

Additional Security Features

  • Content filtering flags sites that contain adult, violent or unwanted content and allows you to choose which types of sites your kids can visit.
  • Advanced browsing protection by checking the sites you visit against a database of millions of known threats, can help prevent you and your family from unsuspectingly visiting malicious sites.
  • Age-based content filtering, ability to schedule screen time and pause the Internet on specific devices. 

Velop security update screenshot


  • Parental Control Subscription is $6.98 per month or one year for $68.98 and is available today via firmware and app update
  • Network Security Subscription and availability to be advised at later date