LG Unveils Its First Color Transparent LED Film at Manulife Tower

LG made tremendous strides in the world of digital signage by introducing a new color transparent LED film. The remarkable signage comprises 72 LG Color Transparent LED Film in an 18 by 4 configuration, and is achieved in collaboration with Manulife Singapore.

Unveiled at Manulife Tower that is located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, the signage blends seamlessly with the glass wall at Manulife’s Client Service Centre. It also strategically faces the sidewalk of a busy intersection and an exit of a train station that enjoys high foot traffic. By displaying interactive contents in vivid colors, LG’s innovative color transparent LED film attracts and engages with passersby, emphasizing Manulife brand’s obsession with interacting with people with creativity and energy.

LG Color Transparent LED Film at Manulife Tower featuring Nutcrackers

Unique Signage Solution that Piques the Curiosity of Passersby

The LG Color Transparent LED Film is fitted with five kinetic motion sensors above to react as crowds walk past it. These sensors track the movements of passersby, and in turn activate the content to play. To engage the public in a more exciting way, multimedia contents are customized, with seasonal contents tailored accordingly to various local festivities such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and more.

LG Color Transparent LED Film at Manulife Tower featuring emojis

Reimagining Digital Signage for Limitless Installation Possibilities

Marking LG’s commitment to move the digital signage industry forward by offering differentiated solutions for various verticals, the LG Color Transparent LED Film is a revolution in display technology. With this solution, businesses can explore new and creative options to maximize spaces for better consumer engagement.

The next-generation LG Color Transparent LED film can be conveniently installed as it is self-adhesive, easily attaching on glass surfaces without any complicated construction. When transformed into a vivid digital canvas, the color transparent LED film delivers a wide range of colors using a 24mm pitch to display brand logos, pictograms, pictures and even entire videos in various color combinations.

The LG Color Transparent LED Film also supports curvatures up to 1,100R concave to allow greater flexibility and customization for curved glass or window applications. With a high transparency of 73 per cent, various signage designs can be achieved without altering the original design of the building exterior. When the LED is switched on, the film displays content and information as digital signage, while providing a see-through view with superb transparency. When it is turned off, the film is unnoticeable, blending into the glass completely.