Crisann checks out the Google Pixel 3

“I happened to know that the Pixel 3 was recently launched and I actually read up about it as it’s a pretty good phone. I’ve never actually tried any of the Google AI apps on Android except for Google Translate and I’m not familiar with those apps. I own an iPhone X but I don’t use Siri much as well, and the only time I use Siri is when I’m hungry and I just ask Siri “where’s the nearest food?”

I find wide-angle cameras to be very useful, and I know the Pixel 3 has two front cameras with one an ultrawide angle for taking group photos so I tried it out and think it works quite well, so you don’t have to carry a selfie stick with you with this phone! For Google Lens I think it is an important and convenient app to have when I travel with my friends and have to figure out how to order food. I haven’t actually travelled much yet but I do intend to make up for that very soon, so using a phone that you can not only translate the written and spoken language but to also snap a picture of a building and get info on it sounds great to me.

I just changed to the iPhone X a few months ago so I’m not thinking of changing smartphones yet, and if I did my main interest is on the cameras. I noticed that when when I’m shooting videos the Pixel 3 seems to capture less movement from my hands (It has 4K video stabilization – ed) and the camera functions look much better than my iPhone.”

NXT Angel Crisann is currently studying Mass Communication at Murdoch while freelancing as an events model and a hand model. Crisann has been using Apple iPhones for years so it’s interesting to get her perspective on the new Google Pixel 3. You can visit her Instagram @ s4nn_

Google Pixel 3

With the Pixel 3 Google seems to have focused their AI support on the camera features of the new device, and although the 5-5 inch Pixel 3 (and 6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL) have a single 12MP dual-pixel rear camera it features optical and electronic image stabilisation as well as Spectral (colour matching) and flicker sensor. There’s now a Top Shot mode where the AI will recommend the best out of a series of shots, Super Res Zoom where your zoomed in image is kept sharp and Night Sight for low light photography without the flash. And there’s also two front facing cameras for better group selfies.