Revolutionize Your New Year with klokers’ Creative and Bold Watches

After being awarded the German Design Award 2019 in the ‘Luxury Goods’ category, klokers is back in Singapore with their newest novelties, perfect to start off the new year with.

Chase Away the Blues with the Midnight Blue KLOK-01

The brand’s best-seller KLOK-01 now comes complete with a Midnight Blue dial. It’s inspired by the colour of the sky during Blue Hour, a period just before sunrise and after sunset. Its display is patented and its 44-mm diameter dial is composed of three concentric disks – one each for hours, minutes, and seconds – turning counterclockwise and displaying time along the vertical axis at noon.

klokers watch in midnight blue

Due to its popularity, the original KLOK-01 watch face in yellow, blue and grey will also be making a comeback at Antė stores. All KLOK-01 watch faces retail at $630. KLOK-01 watch faces with the strap go for $879 upwards, depending on the kind of strap.

An Understated Appeal with the KLOK-08

For something more delicate and light on your wrist, consider the KLOK-08 with its smaller 39mm watch face. Inspired by the sixties, it’s a crossgender piece that features a unique neo retro design. Available in more neutral tones – rose gold, black and orange, the KLOK-08 is perfect for subtle yet one-of-a-kind accessorising.

klokers watches in rose gold

The rose gold KLOK-08 watch face retails at $630 while the black and orange faces are available at $600.

With the strap, the KLOK-08 in rose gold goes for $799 while the others retail at $769.

Customisable and Flexible

Like all other products of the klokers’ collection, the new watch-head clips on and off straps and accessories through a patented and unique system which makes all products compatible and interchangeable.

klokers with interchangeable straps

For the KLOK-01 watch face, the single strap in leather is available at $199 and the single strap Milanese goes for $269. The double strap retails at $249. The single strap in leather for the KLOK-08 face retails at $169.