EXCLUSIVE: Legion Of Champions Winners Rayning Jelly Bears Will be Ready for Tough Opponents

Legion of Champions - Rayning Jelly Bears

League of Legends team Rayning Jelly Bears (RJB) are the Singaporean kings of multiplayer online battle arena video game, League of Legends. After their impressive win, NXT Angel Shihui had the opportunity to sit down with the talented gamers to talk about their victory and their plans for the final.

Shihui: How does it feel to win?

Rayning Jelly Beans (RJB): For us, I think we really tried very hard, like we practiced a lot, and we had a lot of scripts. So I think we deserved to win.

S: And what was your strategy?

RJB: For us, as a team, we always take the time to see what is good for our strategies. For example, like what we are really good at. So we decided that’s what we should do, we are going to play like this, and if the enemy has something that we are afraid of, we just plan it out and then we play like how we normally play.

S: What do you think was the weakness of your opponents?

RJB: Weakness of our opponent was probably the bot lane, I mean their bot lane was quite bad. Our bot lane was very good, so we won in the bot.

S: How long have you guys been training for this competition?

RJB: We took two to three weeks before the qualifiers. We trained, we formed this team and we practiced almost thrice every week. We have three games per day – it’s quite a lot.

Legion of Champions - Rayning Jelly Bears

S: Do you think that the first match took a bit longer?

RJB: For the first match, it was real close. I think our team didn’t perform to what we actually planned so it was more difficult. The game was so close that we were at a point where we had nothing in our base. We only had our Nexus left so I’m thankful that these we to pick it up together and ended the game. It’s real lucky for us because the first match is usually the most important – if we lost the first match, I think it would be a different story now.

S: Did you change your strategy because the second and third rounds were relatively faster?

RJB: Yeah, we started in the blue side so it was kind of hard for us. We were the ones having to pick first so the opponents will know what we are going to do, which comes to a point that they get to counter everything – so it was a bit more difficult. But after we went to game two and three, we started on the red side instead. We had a good strategy for game two, so for game three we just repeated what we did – we picked the exact same things and we just played it out.

Legion of Champions - Rayning Jelly Bears

S: How do you guys feel about going to Bangkok?

RJB: Great! [laughter] Honestly, we were very confident on winning the whole thing. Now that we are going to Bangkok to actually play, it is going to be hard because we will be fighting against the best of other countries. So we will try our best.

S: And how are you going to prepare for it?

RJB: Practice again. I feel that we can change a bit because we only had one game plan today, but we executed it well. In the case our future opponets force us into some other positions, we have to come up with more back up plans because the way other countries play is also quite different from how we play. For Singapore, we only can play one style, which is team fighting and if they force us into split, we are going to lose, but we have to come up with back up plans.