Looking for a New Home? Mogul.sg Will Save You Lots of Frustration

Yesterday, we attended the launch of Mogul.sg, and it was an eye-opener. Mogul.sg revolutionises property search portals by integrating custom keywords from Singapore Land Authority’s OneMap data to make searches more accurate and relevant. And the best thing? It does away with pesky ads and boosted posts that plague people looking to buy a home.

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Get the Most Accurate and Relevant Search Results

At the live demonstration, founder Gerald Sim showed us how accurate the search portal can be. Using a hypothetical persona of man who is married and has kids, he entered the following search parameters: “Along the EW line”, “Supermarket nearby”, “High floor”, “HDB”, $600,000-$900,000”, “Kindergarten nearby”, “Point block”. The search results narrowed from 35,000 to just 5!

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This is in stark contrast to common search portals which would return you thousands of search results, hundreds of which are “boosted” and irrelevant.

To add icing on the cake, because Mogul.sg uses OneMap’s data, search results for the “nearby” keyword are extremely accurate. Most property portals utilise Google Map’s metadata, and this is not always accurate as Google has not done a geodata survey as thoroughly as our very own Singapore Land Transport.When Mogul.sg says that a supermarket or tennis court is “nearby”, it literally means you can walk there in a few minutes. No surprise longkangs or dead-ends blocking your route!

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