LG Release New PC389 Pocket Photo Snap

LG PC389 Pocket Photo SnapThe new LG PC389 Pocket Photo Snap is a hybrid instant camera and portable printer that possesses the traditional advantages of instant cameras – shareability and the ability to see a shot straight away – as well as a higher degree of control with more settings and features.

For example, the black-and-white mode adds the feel of a traditional analog camera along with the reprint function. It can also produce good quality prints instantly thanks to its five million pixel resolution and 30 image printing capacity on a charged device.

LG PC389 Pocket Photo SnapThe LG Pocket Photo Snap effortlessly connects to a smartphone and PC tablet via Bluetooth to print photos taken by other devices within 45 seconds (Android and iOS). Also, the Pocket Photo app makes it easy and convenient to edit and enhance the pictures in those devices prior to printing.

In a first for an instant camera, photos printed with the Pocket Photo Snap receive a transparent coating to protect against humidity and age. The coating prevents smudging of colours or degradation even if the photos get wet.

LG PC389 Pocket Photo SnapPrevious models of instant cameras delivered small prints, but the Pocket Photo Snap produces photos that are 50 percent bigger than that of a traditional 1.8 x 2.4 inch Polaroid.

The LG Pocket Photo Snap retails for $249 and is available at authorised LG retailers. For more information visit the official website.