Test Drive: Pushing the All-New Lexus ES to the Limit

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to take the wheel of the all-new Lexus ES in what was not an ordinary test drive.

Held in the far-east of Singapore, at the Changi Exhibition Centre, the session was aptly called the Dynamic Drive Experience, where Lexus loyalists and members of the media were allowed to push the Lexus ES to some of its limits in specially made courses at the event ground.

First, our editor was put through the larger course, which started with cornering at high speeds. The Lexus ES took turns at high speeds (around 70km/h) without losing stability. Of course its not advisable to do so when driving on normal roads, but the way in which the car was able to maintain its balance was impressive.

Lexus ES

Then it was time to test the braking capabilities of the Lexus ES. Starting at 0km/h, our editor floored the pedal to reach about 80km/h on a straight course before slamming the brakes. The car came to a complete stop within 10 metres without wavering from the path. And thankfully, the seat belt held down firmly.

To further test the stability of the vehicle, we tested its handling in situations where a sudden change of direction was needed. Reaching a speed of about 70km/h, a sudden sharp left followed by a sharp right didn’t compromise the balance, and this was further tested on a wet surface – to which we were again dazzled by the way it stayed rooted to the ground and allowed our editor to stay in control.

Lexus ESA slalom course did not change our thoughts about the sheer stability of the Lexus ES as we were able to go through the cones with ease, without knocking them over and steering off-course.

A final test was at a smaller course which allowed us to try the LEXUS ES’s cruise control function. The radar helps the driver to automatically maintain a fixed following distance of the vehicle in front without having to accelerate or brake – a great feature for long drives to Malaysia.

Check out the video below to see our editor taking the Lexus ES for the Dynamic Drive Experience: