Samsung x Harman Kardon Premium Home Theatre Systems Launch in Singapore

Two familiar electronics giants Samsung and Harman Kardon have joined arms to release two sets of premium soundbars, which are sure to light up the living room.

The HW-N950 is equipped with a main unit along with a built-in wireless subwoofer, and two wireless rear speakers. It has the largest number of channels currently available in a soundbar at 7.1.4.

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Samsung x Harman Kardon Soundbar N950

The HW-N850, although still premium, is a simplified version of the HW-N950, which boasts a 5.1.2 channel, featuring a main unit speaker and woofer.

Samsung x Harman Kardon Soundbar N850

Despite the differences, both soundbar systems will come with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X – so that you’re guaranteed clear and immersive sound.

Harman Kardon’s acoustic experts have tested the audio qualities of HW-N850 and HW-N950 to ensure that consumers get what they are paying for.

After analyses through an anechoic chamber and mock home environments, and assessing different audio formats and music genres, the speakers have been officially certified, meeting the brand’s performance standards.

The Samsung HW-N950 and HW-N850 soundbars will be available at all major consumer electronics stores at an RRP of $2,399 and $1,999 respectively.

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