Vivian Chills Out with the Sonos One

Vivan with the Sonos One“I’m currently completing a Materials Science and Engineering degree, but I’m not sure what job I’ll get yet when I graduate. I’m quite a noob with speakers – I don’t have a smart wireless speaker at home but I use a normal Bluetooth speaker at home.

I know it’s almost similar in concept – instead of using Bluetooth you link it to your phone over WiFi and use an app to control and stream music. I usually listen to all types of music though I tend to like EDM, house music and Mandopop especially Eric Chou songs. I also like to go dancing and karaoking with my friends.

I was quite surprised how loud the Sonos One can play though it seems to focus more on voice than bass beats. I use an iPhone so the NXT editor showed me how to sync to the One using Airplay 2 to stream my music, and I was very impressed in how you could use Siri on the One, and how you can just tell the One to stream your Spotify playlist. Oh syncing multiple speakers over WiFi is something I’ve never tried before so that was pretty cool to how you can play different songs on two of these speakers the same time!”


Sonos One

Sonos One

The Sonos One is a versatile wireless smart speaker that you can use not only as an individual room speaker, but also as part of a complete WiFi based surround sound home theatre system by using the Home Surround Sound feature in the Sonos App to group two One speakers with a Beam soundbar and a Sub subwoofer.

While the Sonos One is compatible with the various voice-activated AI virtual assistant, Amazon Alexa is not yet available in Singapore, though Google Assistant should be available later this year. On the other hand Apple’s AirPlay 2 is now available via a software upgrade so you can use the One with Apple’s Siri.