Sony Days Of Play Sale 2018 Brings Discounts, Add-Ons, And A Limited Edition PS4

Sony today announced that it will introduce a specially designed PlayStation 4 “PlayStation 4 Days of Play Limited Edition”. This release is in conjunction with the Sony Days of Play sale, which returns in 2018 from 8th June 2018 till 18th June 2018. As usual, the sale offers great savings across PlayStation software, hardware, and services.

Get Your Wallet Ready!

For those unfamiliar with the event, Days of Play is a PlayStation global promotion campaign. It brings some pretty amazing PlayStation deals, from games to hardware and more. Haven’t jumped into the PS4 community yet? Or maybe you want to add some of the great PS4 games that have recently launched? Now’s the time!

Starting June 8, PlayStation Authorised Dealers across Singapore will offer discounts on hardware and PS4 exclusive games – all the way through June 18.

Enhance Your Play With PS Plus

From June 8 – June 18, look out for offers on the PlayStation Store, which will include games, add-ons and more!

Days of Play PS Plus membership special

Along with that, a special “PS Plus 12+2 Months Membership offer” will be available on the PlayStation Store. This 12+2 deal is available at the same price as the standard 12 months. This “Days of Play” PlayStation Plus 12+2 Months Membership Card will also be available at all PlayStation Authorized Dealers and SONY Stores.

Limited Edition PS4 Console

Sony Days of Play PS4

On top of all this, there’s also a specially designed PlayStation 4. This limited edition PS4 comes in a dark blue colour, a colour well known to represent PlayStation. The iconic PlayStation shapes (square, triangle, cross, circle) ar emblazoned on the console in gold.

Sony Days of Play DualShock controller

The contrast between the blue and the gold gives a beautifully bright and gorgeous look to the console. The matching DualShock 4 wireless controllers included in the bundle also comes in the same blue colour, with subtle gold shapes printed on the touchpad.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to join the PlayStation community this month with this year’s Days of Play!