The JBL BAR Series Brings High Performance Soundbar Models To Fit Every Setting

JBL Bar 2.1 in living room

Together with the Harman Kardon Omni+ Series, HARMAN International is also introducing an all-new JBL BAR series. The new series is a line of high-performance soundbars with a slender design, and is available in four models that give users customisable options to fit any home theatre environment. With premium material and surface finishes, slim designs to fit the latest TV form factors, and a front visual display for a better user interface experience, the JBL BAR series delivers sound quality, simplicity, and design wrapped into one.

Theatre-Quality Sound

Couple watching TV with JBL Bar 5.1

The JBL BAR series is JBL’s most expansive soundbar series to date. Its models fill any room with theatre-quality sound to elevate the enjoyment of TV, movies, music, and video games. Each of the series is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for streaming music at superior sound quality.

In addition to featuring JBL Signature Sound and Dolby Digital decoding, the BAR series comes equipped with additional speakers to further enhance sound performance.

Exceptional bass also ensures viewers won’t miss a single beat or blast. So whether you’re listening to music or indulging in the latest Hollywood thriller, you know you’ll be hearing everything.

Simple Convenience For Easy Sound

Man watching football with JBL Bar Studio

The BAR series is engineered to make entertainment simple, for even beginning audiophiles. It’s easy to set up, and has multiple convenient connections, including HDMI and HDMI ARC inputs, as well as optical and AUX wired connections.

The higher models, including 3.1 and 5.1, come with multiple 4K HDMI pass-through inputs to connect additional devices. Need to connect your Blu-Ray player or game console? Now you can, and with little to no fuss!

Party listening to music with JBL BAR Studio in living room

For increased ease of use, each soundbar is programmed to respond to the TV remote, eliminating the need for multiple controllers. For those who love the second screen experience, the JBL BAR series also comes equipped with JBL SoundShift technology. This allows you to instantly swap audio sources.

JBL BAR 5.1: Flagship Sound Experience

JBL BAR 5.1 closeup

For buyers looking for a full, all-wireless true surround sound experience, the JBL BAR 5.1 might just be the soundbar for you.

It features two battery-powered, rechargeable, wireless rear speakers with 10 hours of battery life. That’s equivalent to the duration of four to five Hollywood movies, just in case you’re already planning your movie marathon.

JBL BAR 5.1 group shot

Its rear speakers also detach from the soundbar and can be placed anywhere in the room, making this soundbar incredibly versatile. Like this, it transforms the system into the ultimate personalised cinema quality experience, right in your home.

The soundbar boasts 510W of total system power, three 4K HDMI inputs, a 10” wireless subwoofer, and DTS decoding. With all these features, the BAR 5.1 is the most advanced soundbar in the series, and vividly brings the hardest-hitting action flicks and games to life.

JBL BAR Studio

JBL BAR Studio set from an angle

For consumers looking for a more entry-level soundbar, the Bluetooth-enabled BAR Studio is the perfect place to start. With its size and price-point, the BAR Studio is the perfect addition to smaller rooms, and provides exceptional sound and music streaming capabilities for the best bargain.

The Studio is slim and simple to use with one cable connection via HDMI ARC, and JBL Surround Sound for a stellar virtual surround experience. And all from one soundbar to boot!

For more power, there’s always the option of the BAR 2.1 or BAR 3.1, intermediate soundbars with wireless subwoofers. For advanced vocal clarity, the BAR 3.1 has a dedicated centre channel for a state-of-the-art listening experience.

Features And Pricing

Product JBL BAR Studio JBL BAR 2.1 JBL BAR 3.1 JBL BAR 5.1
Price S$299 S$499 S$899 S$1,399
JBL Signature Sound
Dimensions 614 x 58 x 86mm 965 x 58 x 68mm 1018 x 58 x 77mm 1148 x 58 x 93mm
Source Inputs Optical/AUX/USB Optical/AUX/USB Optical/AUX/USB Optical/AUX/USB
System Power (Watt) 30 300 450 510
Sub Size/Power (Watt) 165mm/180 250mm/300 250mm/300
Audio Decoding Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Dolby Digital/DTS
Other Features Real 4K-HDCP 2.2 Real 4K-HDCP 2.2 and Detachable Wireless Rear Speakers