Lishan Lim is Taken… By How Good the Selfie Camera on the Vivo V7+ is

Lishan LimThe display is very clear, and the colours are very vibrant. I find it very comfortable to hold as its sleek and the width is perfect. And it’s really cool that the wallpaper changes every time the phone wakes up from standby. But the front-facing selfie camera is most important for me, and that’s also why I’m currently using an Oppo R9: I take a lot of pictures for social media as I’m a yogi and an actress. I also travel a lot, and I take a lot of selfies wherever I go. I use Instagram a lot, especially Instagram Stories, and I often do live videos of my yoga classes and behind-the-scenes stuff during TV shoots. The Group Selfie mode helps me get more of the background into the frame, and it’ll be very handy when I take pictures with my students. I like that the beautify features like buffing, whitening, changing the skin tone, are built into the camera UI, which my R9 doesn’t have. – @lishantheyogi

Vivo V7+

The Vivo V7+, along with Y65, mark Vivo’s first foray into Singapore. The V7+ gives you more bang for your buck thanks to its focus on the elements that people use the most, such as improved audio through your headphones and the fully-featured front selfie cam. Plus, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet. 

Vivo V7+S$469