Interview With 1MORE’s Ari Morguelan

Ari Morguelan And Chester Tan

Headquartered in San Diego, California, 1More has sought to deliver superior quality headphones at an amazing value to customers. It does all this while utilising the latest audio technology and components, all meant to create a premium experience.  Examples of this premium quality include materials such as Kevlar core cables, and a signature sound created by Grammy award winning engineer Luca Bignardi. At CANJAM Singapore 2018, Chester Tan, NXT’s contributing editor, spoke to Ari Morguelan, the Director of PR/Media at 1More USA. We talked about what audio fans can look forward to from the brand, and the 1MORE experience.

Q: What are the new products that we can expect from 1MORE?

CANJAM Singapore 2018 logo

We are traditionally known for our wired products, but this year we are going to bring in more choices as far as wireless products go. So you will see our famous triple driver, quad driver in wireless forms as well as the dual driver ANC. The objective this year is to solve the issue that people are having with wired earphones, phones with different connectors. This will give people the freedom to take the music to wherever they want to go.

We are also going into the fashionable line as well. We have triple drive over-ear, high fashion earphones coming out.

So this year we are going to have a lot more wired headphones, wireless headphones, true wireless headphones, as well as fashionable headphones.

Q: Do you plan on going further into gaming?

1MORE Spearhead VR gaming headphones

This is the first year we have done gaming headphones. We launched the Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones in CES 2018 this year and it won the CES Innovation Award. It delivers 7.1 channel surround sound based on spatial audio mapping; that is going to bring in immersive gaming experience.

We are known for our audio quality, so we will bring in audio quality and feature sets to the gaming world.

Bonus Question

1MORE triple driver over-ear headphones

Q: NXT has tested many of your previous earphones like the triple-drive and quad-driver. One of the things that really stood out was how each set of earphones was a complete experience. We really love the packaging and the insane amount of accessories that you throw in! Is there a story behind that?

Our founders want the consumer experience to be premium from start-to-end. That’s why we put in so much effort in the packaging, so the high-end exteriors reflect the high-end sound.

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