The Bomberg Basel 2018 Novelties Are Truly Bombastic

It’s often said that a watch is more than just a timepiece, but also a reflection of its wearer’s personality. With Bomberg’s often explosive and extreme designs, this statement is more than true. And with the Bomberg Basel 2018 Novelties, watch owners have more ways than ever to express their personality.

BB-01: Masculine And Feminine Interchangeability

Bomberg BB-01 in white cobra - gent

But for a difference in case size and colour variation, the Bomberg BB-01 in its masculine and feminine versions are not too different. What makes them truly interchangeable and dynamic is how they can be used not just on the wrist, but at the end of a chain.

Bomberg BB-01 in white cobra lady blue

On the wrist, its harmonious proportions and perfect roundness impose a sober solidity. At the end of a chain, it recalls the elegance of a gusset watch of yesteryear, but in a resolutely modern and original style.

Bomberg BB-01 in white cobra gent red nato

Odd hours are displayed on the dial in a rather vintage style, while the crown at 2 o’clock cements the classic look. With different straps available, the BB-01 easily transforms into the perfect accessory to complement a sporty or urban look. When attached to the end of a chain, it takes on a whole new aura.

BB-68: Bull-headed Charm

Bomberg BB-68 in Acier vintage

This chronograph displays the typical Bomberg aesthetic, one which is virile, imposing, and unconventional. With a crown at 12 o’clock and pushers on either side of it, the overall impression is rather bull-like. Which makes sense, because this disposition, also known as the “Bullhead” disposition, is a Bomberg signature.

Bomberg BB-68 in gold racer

The BB-68 also has a slightly rounded dial. This gives the dial the impression of being a miniature world, trapped beneath the sapphire crystal, and shown off in great detail.

Bomberg BB-68 in racer black

Variations of the BB-68 spread across a wide range. From the noisy and striking to the more subtle classic look, there’s one for everybody.

Bolt-68 Skull/Eagle Pearl Chrono: Symbolism Made Potent

Bomberg BB-68 skull pearl blue

An iconic image of Bomberg, the Bolt-68 is both wristwatch and jewel-watch. Inspired by traditional Mexican art, the symbolism in the Bolt-68 is potent, with bright colours to highlight the visions often offered by gods in exchange for offerings.

Bomberg BB-68 in eagle pearl

Dazzling patterns decorate the dial and the counters in a bold, eye-catching way that’s wholly Bomberg.

Bomberg BB-68 in skull pearl orange

The dials on the Bolt-68 are designed in the manner of pointillism. Tiny colourful touches resembling pearls spread over the dial. The chosen Bomberg motifs are the master bird of prey, or the skull, home of the soul.

Bolt-68 Racing: Showy, Cheeky, Yet Elegant

Bomberg BB-68 Racer Sport

The Bomberg Bolt-68 is an XL chronograph with a powerful and sporty look. It combines the classic Bomberg features, like the “Bullhead” design, with a sturdy medallion and a robust chain.

It makes for a rather remarkable accessory, due to its impressive design. A little bit cheeky, a little bit showy, it nonetheless maintains all the elegance of a classic watch. A bright red trigger pusher completes its modern-day conquering profile.