Ohmyhome Makes Searching for Homes Less Painful with New ShoutOut Feature

Ohmyhome is a really useful app for people who constantly need to buy, sell, and rent property. It’s one of those apps that you’re thankful that it exists when you need it. Either that or you’re a high-rolling property guru, in which case it becomes grease for the gears of your entire career. It basically works like Carousell for buying, selling, and renting homes. You post your property, someone chats with you about it, and you sell/rent it. However, with the recent introduction of the ShoutOut feature, it’s really become something more than just “Carousell for homes”.

Ohmyhome screenshot

Intro A Home To Me Leh

You know how when you’re trying to find that perfect cabinet or dress online, and you scroll through pages and pages of listings and being paralysed by decision-making? Or when you’re looking for something niche and you try all sorts of search terms just to get a relevant result to come up? This problem is compounded a lot more when you’re looking for something as detailed and important as a home.

Ohmyhome’s new ShoutOut feature allows you to simply post your requirements on what you’re looking for and you’ll find curated suggestions. Furthermore, home owners who are tired of waiting for buyers can now take active steps in engaging them and proposing their homes to them directly. It’s an interesting two-way dynamic that makes the home searching process much less painful.

Ohmyhome Shoutout screenshots

Home searchers can create up to 5 ShoutOuts, each limited to a two-week validity period to ensure that the listings are up-to-date. ShoutOuts can be extended simply with the click of the “repost” button. On the other hand, home sellers can view the ShoutOuts, sort them by price and date posted, as well as filter these requests based on specific requirements. Once they have shortlisted their prospects, they can connect with home searchers by “suggesting your listing”. In other words, home owners are free to easily find their way to home searchers.

And the best thing is that this new service is completely free of charge!