Charmaine Checks Out the Surprisingly Affordable Nokia 6


CharmaineYou need not have to spend top dollar to get the best features. You’ll find that the display, the sound and the camera aren’t what you’d expect from a phone at this price. Not to mention the fact that it looks and feels just like a premium, top-tier smartphone. If this covers what you need, why would you want to spend more?


“Actually, I’m used to better phone cameras – in fact, I’m using the Huawei Mate 10 Pro now – but the camera on the Nokia 6 isn’t too bad. The colours are accurate it doesn’t look overblown. The matte finish and the silver lining gives the phone a classy look. I didn’t expect this from a phone at this price. If it were possible I would have preferred the screen to be edge-to-edge though as I like to maximise the space on the front of the phone. That said, the screen is OK for videos and the sound is fine. Videos load pretty quickly too. I like the stock Android keypad as it’s comfortable and uncluttered. I think it’s great for general use – browsing the web and communicating with your friends.” – Charmaine



Nokia 6