Take Damn Nice Selfies with the Casio TR-M11

Casio TR M-11 on table with macarons

Your selfies are gonna look damn power with this innovative new camera from Casio (Yes, the brand famous for its watches). The image above isn’t lying either, the Casio TR-M11 looks like a pocket mirror so you won’t look like a tourist with a selfie stick or lugging a DSLR around. Casio has really brainstormed hard and come up with something that is a perfect fit for a very specific group of people – girls who love to take selfies. Which is actually a lot of people.

Stealthy Selfie

The TR-M11 is like a portable, personal studio that fits in your pocket. It looks just like a compact mirror with a clamshell design, so you don’t feel awkward holding it or pulling it out in the middle of dinner. When you flip it open, you’ll find that it comes with nine LEDs that will illuminate your pretty face so that you’ll always look like a top influencer. Even on your most cui days you’re gonna have flattering self-portraits that you won’t feel shy about posting on Instagram.

Cute girl using Casio TR M-11

Make My Face Slimmer Please

The TR-M11 comes with Casio image processing technology that lets you edit your pictures and make yourself even more beautiful and fabulous. You can easily apply effects that make your skin look brighter and fresher. If you think you’re gaining a few pounds and don’t want the world to know, you can sculpt and slim your face as well. Forgot to put on makeup? There’s also a dark eye circle remover.

And when you’re done shooting, Casio makes sure that you can get your picture onto social media as quickly as possible. All you have to do is to connect to the Exilim Connect app and your photographs will appear on your smartphone.