Lenovo Yoga 720 Review: Flexible Powerhouse

The Lenovo Yoga 720 is an example of a laptop/tablet hybrid that hits all the right notes. Most hybrid convertibles either sacrifice too much power just for portability or, has enough power but isn’t portable enough. Therefore it’s quite the marvel that Lenovo has solved this puzzle and gave us one that gets the balance just right.

Weighing in at a feather-light weight of 1.3kg, it’s incredibly portable. You can slip it into most messenger and sling bags, even the smaller ones. It’s not a hassle to carry it in your hands as you move around as well because it’s just so thin and light.

Lenovo Yoga

A review of the Yoga 720 will not be complete without mentioning the flip-screen. This is the most innovative feature of Lenovo’s Yoga line of laptops. The 360-degree flip-screen converts it into a tablet, and the interface will also flip itself to match your desired orientation. There is some delay, and sometimes it doesn’t flip quite right, but nothing particularly alarming.

The Yoga 720 is specced with a pretty decent processor. The Intel Core i7 is as good as it gets for handling all your tasks smoothly. But you’re not going to be playing AAA games on the Yoga 720 anytime soon as it was not designed for gaming. You can surf the net, do work, and watch movies without a hitch. The screen is crystal clear and vibrant, making this laptop one of the better ones to watch movies on.

Overall, the Yoga 720 strikes a great balance between having a laptop and a tablet. While it’s slightly bulkier than what we’re used to seeing from tablets, the flexibility to have both a powerful laptop and a portable touchscreen device cannot be overstated.


Rating 4/.5

The Lenovo Yoga 720 might not be the cheapest convertible laptop around, but it’s definitely one of the most portable. Unlike most mini-laptops, it doesn’t sacrifice processing power for a thinner body, which is quite impressive.

Price S$1,999

Website www3.lenovo.com/

What’s in the Box?

If you’re curious about what’s in the box of the Lenovo Yoga, check out our unboxing video with Ash!