Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Only Watch 2017 – Unique, Bold, Contemporary

Inspired by the regulators created by John and Roger Arnold over two hundred years ago, and by antique British skeleton clocks, the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid is the culmination of years of watchmaking experience and ingenuity. And now there’s the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Only Watch 2017, a unique version of the classic design.

Cohesive, Seductive, and Sophisticated

Arnold & Son Time Pyramid in rose gold

The Arnold & Son Time Pyramid features several feats of watchmaking in its design. It has a sophisticated dial design, and movement parts and watch indications across three levels, making for a complex and satisfying visual.

Visuals are not just the only satisfying part of the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid though. With a strap made out of hand-stitched  anthracite alligator leather, hand-chamfered bridges with polished edges, and satin-finish on the dial and wheels, every minute detail is subtly luxurious.

Arnold & Son Time Pyramid for Only Watch 2017

Arnold & Son have created a unique, one-of-a-kind version of the Time Pyramid for Only Watch 2017. For those wondering, Only Watch is a world-renowned charity event. The biennial event is held under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. Watchmakers donate one-off timepieces made specifically for the event or one-off versions of iconic models. These unique and special timepieces are in turn auctioned off to altruistic and discerning patrons. All proceeds then go to research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Only Watch 2017 front view

Arnold & Son’s offering for this year’s Only Watch is a bold, contemporary take on the classic elegance and style of the regular version. The stainless steel case is done with a black DLC treatment. Similarly, the skeletonized and symmetrical calibre gets a black ADLC coating. The overall effect is of striking contrast against the traditional haute horlogerie hand-applied finishing and decoration.

The Time Pyramid Only Watch 2017 also has red accents applied to several components of the timepiece. Thetwo power reserve indicators, the hour and minute hands, and the Roman numerals on the dial are all painted red. The bold red is echoed in the alligator strap, bringing the whole thing together.

Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Only Watch 2017 back view

The Only Watch 2017 charity auction will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues on 11 November.

Prior to the auction, there will be a promotional world tour. You can feast your eyes on the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Only Watch 2017 and its unique brethren at The Hour Glass Malmaison from 5-6 October.

More information regarding the auction, the timepiece, as well as the world tour can be found on the Only Watch website.