Take Things Back to A Better Time With The Nokia 3310 3G

Tired of the old Android vs iPhone argument? Now you can end all of these arguments in colourful style with the Nokia 3310 3G. As long as you’ve got any colour but charcoal, just pulling the Nokia 3310 3G out of your pocket is going to be a statement in and of itself.

All four Nokia 3310 3G colour options
Can your iPhones look THIS snazzy? Thought not.

The Nostalgic Aesthetic, Reimagined For 2017

Nokia 3310 3G in azure

Everybody remembers the Nokia phones, right? How indestructible they were, how the buttons had that nice give to it, and most importantly, Snake. Now you can get all that (yes, including Snake!) but with all the conveniences you’ve come to expect from modern phones.

Nokia 3310 3G in charcoal

The Nokia 3310 3G now comes with 3G data connectivity, so you can use it across more countries than before. The retro user interface is also now entirely customisable! Perfect for those control freaks who need to have their functions organised in a specific way.

Can You Talk For Six Hours Straight?

Nokia 3310 3G in warm red

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you can now test it out with the Nokia 3310 3G. With a battery that promises up to 6.5 hours of talk time, you can now talk right through the night. Probably not a really good idea, but the option’s there if you want to.

Nokia 3310 3G in yellow

If you’re not so much the social kind of person, you’ll only need to charge your Nokia 3310 3G once a month or so! The maximum standby time for a Nokia 3310 3G with a single-SIM is up to 27 days. Yeah, not hours. Days. 24, if you’re wielding a double-SIM, but that’s still no number to sneeze at.

The Nokia 3310 3G will be available in Singapore from October 2017 at all major authorised retailers. The available colours are Azure, Yellow, Warm Red, and Charcoal for those of you who want to keep up that retro style but in a more subtle way.