What’s New with Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K

This week, Apple announced their new Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K. If you didn’t manage to catch the stream of the reveal, here is a concise summary of the key features of these new products.

Apple Watch Series 3 and cellular data

Cellular Data on Apple Watch

Apple is introducing a cellular version of the Apple Watch. What this means is you can go for a run and stream music without bringing your phone. You can also read and reply to texts and make calls with it as well. Are we moving to a future where the phone is an obsolete device? Only time will tell. Of course, if you don’t need this function, the GPS version of the Apple Watch is also available.

Woman running with Apple Watch Series 3

Faster, More Powerful Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch runs on a dual-core processor that will make apps launch faster and run more smoothly. There is also a new wireless chip that makes Wi-Fi 85% faster and 50% more power-efficient (for a longer battery life).

4K vs 4K HDR comparisonSomething Even Better than 4K on Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K delivers 4K HDR, which for the layman just means images that are brighter and more vivid than 4K. It also supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10, meaning that you can watch your shows in the new high-quality standard on any HDR TV. Apple TV 4K will automatically detect your TV’s capabilities and create the most optimum setup, so you don’t have to fiddle with a bunch of jargon and just enjoy your show.

Apple TV 4K

Quality of Life Improvements for Apple TV 4K

For the truly lazy, you can now search for videos accurately with your voice using Siri and the Apple TV app. Siri can recognise and search for 4K movies and specific sports games. With iCloud, you can share photos, videos, and files with family members on the Apple TV 4K. Finally, with Airplay 2, you can create a home entertainment system by connecting multiple Airplay 2 compatible bluetooth speakers.