Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo: Twin Triple Axis Tourbillon Minute Repeater – Cathedral Gong

Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo, a world premiere movement

The Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo watch set a milestone in the watch industry boasting the first ever made caliber combining two triple axis tourbillons and a minute repeater (Exclusive Jacob & Co. caliber JCFM01).

Through a poising system, the tourbillons maintain a consistent rate set at 40 seconds, 3 minutes and 8 minutes per cycle, turning symmetrically at a similar pace. A performance even more impressive as the minute repeater is conducted into a uniquely shaped watchcase.

With a deep-sounding and resonating chime, the minute repeater – featuring a cathedral gong – offers a modern approach to striking the hour. It does so every 10 minutes rather than abiding by watchmaking’s traditional 15-minute timeframe. 

Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Black

Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Carbon and Black DLC Titanium Edition

The first sportive-designed minute repeater watch, the case of the Twin Turbo is equipped with 572 components. It is covered with the finest black DLC coating giving the watch an even more sportive allure. The ultra light weight of the grade 5 titanium and carbon materials makes it a watch that connoisseurs will love to wear.

Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Rose Gold

Jacob & Co. Carbon and 18K Rose Gold Edition

The Carbon and 18K Rose Gold Edition, the shaped case, and the Minute Repeater combines sportiness and sophistication with finesse. With a 18K Rose Gold case, crown and buckle the rareness and the beauty of the Twin Turbo Carbon and 18K Rose Gold is definitely undeniable.

This extremely delicate and complex design of this two timepieces highlights Jacob & Co.’s mastery in its domain, and testifies the experience and skills of the Jacob & Co. Geneva atelier.

510,000 full Titanium
550,000 Rose Gold with Titanium
All prices in SGD, tax free