LG Showcases a Powered-Up XBOOM Lineup at CES 2019

LG is showcasing its expanded XBOOM lineup at CES 2019. The innovative new products are set to enthrall with superior sound, unique features and exceptional convenience.

XBOOM products boast robust sound along with unmatched quality and ease-of-use. The XBOOM family comprises mini components, and all-in-one units, XBOOM Go portable Bluetooth speakers and XBOOM AI ThinQ smart speakers. They’re ideal for social gatherings of all sizes, whether it’s an outdoor party, intimate function at home, or a pull-out-all-the stops celebration at a club.


An Array of Excellent XBOOMs

The new flagship XBOOM mini component (model CL98) boasts a solid output of 3,500W and incorporates a Compression Horn to generate crisper, more detailed audio across higher frequencies.


LG’s high-end XBOOM (model OL100) delivers a robust 2,000W output, employing a proprietary Blast Horn – a folded air duct behind the driver designed to create acoustic sound pressure by directing air through an amplifying duct – to improve high-frequency reproduction and bass performance; creating sound users can feel as well as hear. It also offers Meridian Mode, developed in collaboration with the experts at renowned British company Meridian Audio. This exclusive sound setting results in clearer vocals and more responsive bass, perfect for sound buffs who enjoy listening to music while relaxing at home.


Another new XBOOM design supports the aptX HD codec for lossless hi-resolution audio streaming over Bluetooth, reproducing sound with incredible fidelity to satisfy the most demanding of audiophiles. Moreover, the upgraded Wireless Party Link makes it possible to connect multiple speakers for an even more impressive auditory experience.

Customised To Your Needs

LG XBOOM presents a variety of form factors, giving consumers the ability to choose a sound solution that best suits their needs. The premium all-in-one unit (model OL100) has the Grab & Move handle design and casters to ensure maximum portability. The XBOOM freestyle speakers (models RK7 and RL4) can be oriented either vertically or horizontally and feature the X-grip handle for convenient transportation.


Users can indulge their inner DJ, putting their own creative spin on popular tracks with LG’s exciting array of party-oriented features. Using DJ Star, it’s easy to deftly fade in and out of tracks, cue up future tunes and scratch like a professional DJ. The Cross Fader feature facilitates the seamless mixing of audio from two different sources. With a simple throttle control that enables users to build the music to a pulsating crescendo, complete with flashing lights, Party Accelerator will get everyone on their feet and dancing. An easy-to-use DJ App (available for Android and iOS devices) provides access to a range of effects such as Scratch Mixing and DJ Loop.


Available on 2019 LG XBOOM products, Karaoke Star is a new feature that’s fun for the whole family. Karaoke Star can suppress the vocals on almost any track, setting the stage for users to give voice to their musical ambitions. The 18 unique vocal effects pair perfectly with the new Multi-Color Lighting feature, a range of preset lighting options including the ability to sync with whatever track is being played, accentuating the beat and heightening the ambience.

LG XBOOM Go PK series speakers produce excellent high-fidelity sound despite their compact size and light weight; will also make their debut at CES. These portable speakers support aptX HD codec for lossless 24-bit audio when streaming from the latest smartphones such as the LG G7. The PK series generates high-quality audio that will satisfy even the most discerning listeners, producing stunningly accurate wireless sound and giving the XBOOM PK a solid advantage in the on-the-go category.

Visitors to LG’s booth (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall #11100) during CES will be able to experience the impressive smart capabilities of XBOOM AI ThinQ speakers featuring built-in Google Assistant and Meridian technology.