The Tranquility Pod: Curl up to Calm your Nerves

Suffering from lack of sleep? Suffer no more! The Tranquility Pod will help you snooze and rejuvenate peacefully. If you have US$30,000 to spare for this sci-fi looking, hand crafted fibre glass pod with a smooth and shiny gel-coat surface, that is.

Tranquility Pod

Curl up to calm your nerves

Designed by Alberto Frias, this is a giant egg-shaped pod with a huge hole that you can climb into, curl into a fetal position and chill the day away. This pod promises to block 90% of outside noise and instead plays pleasant, soothing music through its integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system to gently sing you to sleep. In that genuine peace and quiet, the system’s subwoofer also generates gentle vibrations throughout the water bed to rock your body, mind and spirit into a tranquil state as you lie on the large memory foam cushion.

To further null you into a restful calmness, the pod has 50 colour-changing LEDs inside which you can manually control through the built-in controller. Or let the biofeedback system automatically synchronize the ambient mood lighting to your heartbeat. The pod is also gadget friendly – you can manage the sound system or the ambient mood lighting using an iOS device or Android smartphone.

However, the Tranquility Pod is pretty huge – about 198 cm in diameter and 106 cm high. Plus it weighs 158kg. So if the Tranquility Pod is what you want, you probably need to start looking for a permanent place in your home for it.