Bang & Olufsen’s Newly Unveiled BeoSound Shape is a Masterpiece

BeoSound Shape in the living room

Bang & Olufsen has always been the go-to brand for premium high-quality sound coupled with pleasing aesthetics. They scored a home run with their newly unveiled BeoSound Shape, a wireless speaker system that will make your living room the talk of the town.

Creative Freedom

The BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted, modular speaker system based on hexagonal tiles. They can be placed creatively on the wall in every imaginable size and pattern. This lets you customise the visual presence of the BeoSound Shape to your vision. Consisting of a combination of speakers, amplifiers and acoustic damper tiles, you can choose the exact number and layout of BeSound Shape tiles to form the perfect shape for you.

The speaker system also offers an array of colors and textiles to choose from. A collaboration with the renowned Danish manufacturer of design textiles Kvadrat adds exclusive options in terms of wool fabrics and colors.

BeoSound Shape in a room

A Band on the Wall

Bang & Olufsen utilises a unique upmixing algorithm that is designed to create a crisp and precise soundscape with the vocals  in the centre and instruments to the sides. This creates an immersive experience with the BeoSound Shape. You’ll feel as if a band was literally placed up against your wall. The band performs live while you have the freedom to move about your room.

BeoSound Shape will be available in Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya showrooms in September 2017.

The price of the BeoSound Shape depends on the size, acoustical performance, and fabric choice. Pricing will be confirmed when the BeoSound Shape is launched in the stores. Depending on your choices, the price is expected to be from approximately SGD$ 7,800, for a standard setup, and up.