Sirachar: Apple’s squeezing whatever they can into their newest iPad

The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro from Apple is truly an object of desire. And why not? It looks sleek and is packed with all the power (plus a heck of a lot more) one could ask from a tablet. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook that a device as stylish as this is, is a workhorse for professionals.



“I’m particular about cameras – smartphone cameras or just cameras in general. It’s because I think it’s important to preserve memories, so I’m contemplating to buy a standalone camera or a smartphone with a very good camera. People don’t usually use tablets for their cameras but I noticed the rear camera on the iPad Pro is really sharp and I would be happy with it. I’m not really a tablet person as I’m used to laptops, but it’s really much lighter and easier to carry than a laptop. Plus it’s much better for watching videos. I have no preference about the stylus but it has made my life easier for instances where fingers are too clumsy – like for signatures, conducting and filling up online surveys, etc. I do have a preference for the display to fill up as much space as possible at the front though, and it’s good that they’ve done that for the new iPad Pro.”

– Sirachar (@siracharong)


iPad Pro

iPad Pro

From S$968 (Wi-Fi, LTE from S$1,168)