IWC Schaffhausen Unveils the Portugieser Eternal Calendar at Watches and Wonders Geneva

IWC Schaffhausen has introduced a groundbreaking timepiece, the Portugieser Eternal Calendar. Building on nearly four decades of expertise in calendar mechanisms, IWC pushes the boundaries once again with its first secular perpetual calendar. This remarkable watch not only recognizes the different lengths of months and includes a leap day every four years but also accounts for the complex leap-year exception rules of the Gregorian calendar.

The Portugieser Eternal Calendar features an ingeniously engineered 400-year gear that ensures the calendar automatically skips three leap years over four centuries, a phenomenon that will first occur in the year 2100. This innovation means the watch won’t require a correction until at least the year 3999.

Unprecedented Moon Phase Accuracy
A standout feature of the Portugieser Eternal Calendar is its incredibly precise moon phase display.

Utilizing a newly developed reduction gear, the Double Moon™ phase display will deviate from the moon’s orbit by only one day after an astonishing 45 million years. This level of precision is unparalleled in the world of fine watchmaking.

Elegance and Craftsmanship
The Portugieser Eternal Calendar is housed in an intricately finished platinum case and features a black alligator leather strap from Santoni.

The watch’s extensive use of glass elements, including a glass dial and double box-glass sapphire crystals, showcases the ingenious mechanisms inside. This transparency creates a unique sense of lightness, airiness, and understated elegance.

Translating the Gregorian Calendar
Translating the irregular Gregorian calendar into a mechanical program for a wristwatch remains one of the most challenging feats in fine watchmaking. The Gregorian calendar divides the year into twelve months of varying lengths, with a leap year added every four years. However, centurial years divisible by 400 are leap years, while others are common years.

Traditional perpetual calendars are programmed for a simple four-year cycle, requiring manual correction for the year 2100 and beyond. The Portugieser Eternal Calendar’s secular perpetual calendar mechanism is designed to handle these complexities, ensuring accuracy for centuries to come.

Advanced Features and Design
● 400-Year Gear: This revolutionary gear mechanism skips three leap years every four centuries, ensuring long-term accuracy.
● Moon Phase Display: With an accuracy deviation of only one day every 45 million years, the moon phase display is a testament to IWC’s commitment to precision.
● Platinum Case and Santoni Strap: The watch features a platinum case with polished and brushed surfaces, paired with a luxurious black alligator leather strap from Santoni.
● Glass Dial and Double Box-Glass Sapphire Crystals: These elements enhance the watch’s elegance and transparency, showcasing the intricate mechanisms within.

The 52640 Calibre
At the heart of the Portugieser Eternal Calendar is the newly developed IWC-manufactured 52640 calibre. This high-end movement features a highly efficient Pellaton winding system, building up a power reserve of seven days (168 hours) in its two barrels.

Parts of the winding system are made from virtually wear-free zirconium oxide ceramic, ensuring durability and reliability. The movement is elaborately finished with circular graining and Geneva stripes, visible through the sapphire glass case back.

The Portugieser Eternal Calendar by IWC Schaffhausen represents a pinnacle of fine watchmaking, combining technical innovation with timeless elegance.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar from S$23,372 in Singapore.