Swiss Watchmaker Kross Studio to Showcase Exclusive Timepieces and Batman Collector Set at Wayne Enterprises Experience

Swiss watchmaker Kross Studio has announced its participation in the Wayne Enterprises Experience, a groundbreaking luxury retail event organized by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products (WBDGCP) and Relevance International. Starting in June, this exclusive digital marketplace invites luxury consumers into the world of DC’s Bruce Wayne.

Wayne Enterprises offers a narrative-driven experience that extends online via, providing continuous access to a curated selection of high-end products inspired by Bruce Wayne’s luxurious lifestyle.

Kross Studio’s Showcase
Kross Studio will feature several of its most iconic Batman-themed creations within this immersive setting, including:

● 1989 Batmobile Desk Clock: This highly detailed desk clock replicates the design of Tim Burton’s iconic Batmobile from the 1989 film, featuring a manual-winding mechanical movement with a 30-day power reserve.

● The Batman Tourbillon Watch: Part of the Batman Collector Set, this watch combines high horology with pop culture, featuring a central tourbillon cage shaped like the Bat emblem and an ultra-precise in-house KS 7’001 manual winding movement with a 5-day power reserve.

● Bat Signal Watch Holder and DC-Themed Watch Rolls: These accessories reflect the intricate design and quality synonymous with Kross Studio, making them perfect additions to any collector’s ensemble.

A New Highlight: KS 06 Central Floating Tourbillon Watch
In addition to these renowned pieces, Kross Studio will debut its latest creation, the KS 06 Central Floating Tourbillon Watch. This timepiece features a black frosted dial and a 42mm case with integrated lugs, presenting a sophisticated blend of traditional aesthetics and modern innovation.


The central tourbillon, housed under a crystal dome, appears to float, showcasing Kross Studio’s horological ingenuity.

The Wayne Enterprises Experience offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore and purchase Kross Studio’s exceptional timepieces and other luxury items.

The companion site is now open, providing access to the exclusive digital marketplace.